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Corporate Merchandise Schemes

We know each customer is different so we work differently with each customer.
Our corporate merchandise schemes work to your requirements. If you want a website to be part of your company intranet for ordering a range of pre selected products as and when you need them we can do that. If you want a creative approach from us whereby we work with your marketing team to provide ideas and suggestions on merchandise, we can do that.
In short, we can work with you in any way you want, to provide you with the perfect merchandise partnership.
Our schemes can be any or all of the below:
• National
• Pan European

• Global

The benefits of this for your company would be:

• Peace of mind knowing that your merchandise is taken care of by one firm that understands your image, with a studio that knows your corporate branding guidelines.

• Ability to approve production samples of all merchandise selected.
• Simplicity of managing only one supplier relationship and having one point of contact to check progress on all merchandise.
• Cost Savings. Group purchasing power is greater than the purchasing power of individual offices.
• Stock holding of popular items for quick despatch.

• Password protected merchandise website. Making it easy for you to communicate a merchandise scheme to marketing personnel nation / worldwide.

This service is ideal for; Large organisations with repeat demand for different merchandise product lines. Organisations with a corporate / brand / product / service / industry specific brands. Universities and sports clubs. Organisations with offices worldwide that need to ensure continuity of the use of their brand in all regions.
For any more information please feel free to contact Will Ripley to discuss your requirements: or telephone +44 (0)1892 500069
EShop Demo 
To see a demo of an ‘Eshop’ and get a better idea of how it can work please click here and when prompted insert the following details:
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Have a browse around the site to get a feel for what we can offer to your business. You can add whatever products and details would work for your company.