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We found that Calverley offered by far the largest range of USB cards. After deciding on the card we wanted it was a simple case of sending them the three pieces of artwork we wanted displayed on the card and giving them some of our thoughts on the layout. The same day we received a copy of the initial visuals. We asked for some further design ideas and the following day we received 3 different versions. The layout which looked best was actually designed exclusively by Calverley without any input from us, which goes to show what a good design team they have.
I couldn’t have asked for a better service, swifter turnaround or a better looking product. We will undoubtedly use Calverley again in the future.
Development Director, Zodiac Blue Room.


I’d like to extend many thanks to you and your company from the Creative Arts department at The Oldham College.
I received the consignment this morning and I have distributed them to the relevant staff and they are extremely pleased with them. They are a real selling point for our courses in the college and are very practical too. Job done. Thanks very much Calverley.

Oldham College

The Flip Card Drives look great and are a HUGE hit, thank you so much again for your help in the process – it was a pleasure working with you. The quality and speed (not to mention your support) of the project was incredibly impressive, I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Marketing Associate, Stryker Corporation.


We just received the flip cards, they look great! (The boss is VERY impressed J)
Thanks again for your help and for getting them done so quickly!


Calverley, and their team, are “can- do”, clever people in a progressive and edgy company. They always deliver, exceed expectations, and offer inspirational ideas. It’s a pleasure to do business with this company.


I've recommended Ian to a couple of my colleagues now - and they will be contacting him for prices. You are now the only corporate merchandise company I use. We used to use about 2 or 3 to get products - you are much better!


Hi Ian...many thanks for a superb job. They look great!
We’ll be back for more!

Acorn Tourism